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30" pizza, the biggest in Bangalore
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The freshest food, made just for you
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The freshest food, made just for you
The freshest food, made just for you
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The freshest food, made just for you
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Welcome to Pepe’s

We are culinary artists, we are champions of taste, but above all, we are food lovers! With a rich and varied history in the field of hospitality and dining, we are now open and serving other-worldly pizzas which will make you go wow!in Bangalore-the cosmopolitan heart of India. Open daily from 10AM to midnight, Pepe’s is perfect for a quick snack, a lingering afternoon meal, a family get together, or just to hang out with your friends.

What's on offer

Pizza On Fire

There are many ways to elevate a pizza, and we decided to try something which would instantly make your average run-of-the-mill pizza into the most craveablepizza on the planet! Set your palate on fire and let your taste buds sing in unison as you feast on our Firelicious pizza.

WARNING: It’s hot!

Pizza By The Slice

Want a taste of heaven while on the go? Our pizza slices are just right for you to drop down, pick up, and feast on. But just like everything else at Pepe’s, we do add our slight little twist to the age old formula by baking each slice separately. You really need to try this one, and we are sure you will love the extra crispy sides as you munch on this little slice of heaven.

The Freshest Ingredients

It all starts with the base. Flour, water, salt, yeast, and a huge dollop of what makes our pizzas special. We incorporate sensational flavours and seasoning right into the dough so that every bite of the pizza is like a little flavour bomb setting off inside your palate.

What our Customer's Say

Pepe's Pizza, a nice concept in the cozy serving environment. Had a wonderful and nice experience along with Kids. Ordered couple of dishes. I would really appreciate the friendly nature of the staffs. All dishes exceeds expectation. Keep serving good and healthy food. Good luck.


I have been here so many times. Yummy Pizzas you get always in Time. Quality is really good. Good Ambience and surroundings cum music. Professional Staffs. They serve quite fast and professional. Never disappointed so far


It's superb! The taste is very good and with that the one thing I like the most is that the pizza is covered till the edges not like most other pizzerias where you get to see the empty sides. Probably one of the best Pizzas I've had in Bangalore. The Farm Fresh pizza made on a cheese burst thin base is simply awesome. Definitely a recommended place to order pizza from


Unique taste. Superbase. Feasible price. Great ambiance. Really surprised to have first pizza on the first day of a first peps pizza restaurant in Bangalore

Mohan Kotla